BUHAY is a self-taught artist who paints people that we see every day. He graphically transfers these into paintings to tell a story and a statement about life. He further enhanced his skill through the guidance from his artist friends. His works are influenced by many artists from classical art to lowbrow art. His flexibility is shown by the media he uses such as oil, acrylic, watercolour and pastels.
He worked asĀ  a Graphic Artist/ Illustrator for 5 years. The office deals in doing mock ups for commercials, backdrops, miniature props for movies and commercials. Currently, he has a studio where his creative mind works and flourishes.
Buhay as he’s known by his colleagues from the mainstream art in the Philippines , is a hardworking artist with passion for the craft that immerses deeply as he began to embrace the life of being an artist. He is also a resident artist of Gallery Big.